Mrs. Joyner's 3rd Grade Class Website

It's almost time for school to start again!

I can't believe that we are just four weeks away from the start of school.  We will have a "Meet the Teacher" event on Thursday, August 23 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm.


School Supplies

Click on the link below to see a list of supplies needed.

ZES School Supply Lists


Classroom Rules             Consequences

1. Be prepared                                                                    1. Verbal Warning

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself                  2. Think Sheet

3. Stay on task                                                                     3. Teacher's Choice at Recess or Silent Lunch     

4. Follow directions                                                             4. Parent Contact

5. Be respectful                                                                   5. Office Referral


Capturing Kids Hearts

This is our second year implementing CKH, a process aimed at building relationships and creating a safe, effective environment for learning.

What doe it look like in our classroom?

In addition to classroom rules, we will have a Social Contract that will be created during the first few days of school. The students will create a Social Contract for our classroom with words to describe how they want to be treated and how others want to be treated.  Once this contract is created, everyone is invited to sign it.  The expectation is that everyone follows the social contract and that students monitor their own behavior so the teacher doesn't have to intervene.  In turn, if the teacher doesn't have to intervene, then there are no consequences.  Students are taught hand signals that will be used to direct behaviors.  There is a time-out sign, check your neighbor sign, and foul sign.  The time-out is used to get all students quiet and still quickly.  The check your neighbor sign is used to help a neighbor get back on task.  A foul sign is used when someone shows disrespect.  The student upon whom a foul is called is to give 2 complements to the other student.  When students do not follow the social contract, they will be asked a series of questions.  If the student answers the questions and corrects his behavior, there are no consequences.  On the third violation of the social contract, the student is asked to "act out" in another classroom .



I will be using ClassDojo to send reminders throughout the school year.  Please look for a flyer to come home so that you can sign up.

Important Dates

August 23                               "Meet the Teacher" event 4-6 pm

August 27                               First day of school